Lots of news...
Not a lot of filming  
Last year was busy! I was cast in 5 feature films, 10 short films, 3 web series, 1 TV series, 1 play, 1 commercial, and I got to audition on the CBS studio lot and the Disney lot for the first time. I directed 5 plays - "The Foreigner", "Blood Wedding", "Daisy Pulls it Off", "Declaration",  and "Homeward LA"  Also, several of my amazing acting students were booking like crazy!  
This year...  Not so much.
BUT - Lots of those films are now at film festivals.
A feature film where I play the lead's film professor. It was selected to be the opening film at the San Diego Black Film Festival and it was also selected for the prestigious Pan African Film Festival,  The American Black Film Festival, and the Manhattan Film Festival among many others.  This film was already won it's share of awards including- Best Film and Best Actor at The LA Film Awards - Best Drama, Best Actor, and Best Director at the San Diego Black Film Festival - Best Director at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival and Blastoff.
A short film that I directed/produced and acted. It has been selected for 16 film festivals so far. 
At the Independent Talents International Film Festival it won a special jury award for the Best Silent Film. At the Top Indie Film Awards the film was nominated for Best Editing and Best Original Idea.
This web series won the FilMaka.com webseries competition.  I play the preacher in the final episode #10. This was a great experience - cast and crew all outstanding!  Plus - there were more women than men on set - That was a nice change.  I'm proud to be a part of this web series.
Check it out here.
This comedy film is directed by my former student Narineh Tahmasebian.  It has gotten into several festivals including The Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival where it won audience awards for Best Film and Best Actor and the Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival where we won Best Ensemble!
"POOR US"   My eighth web series and fifth in a year. A comedy about two hapless guys trying to make it in LA after being cut off by their filthy rich father.  Yes... I am the father.  This web series won several awards this year including Best Ensemble at The Indie Series Awards.
Last Year's Bookings  
Another film by Amy Campione. She qualified to compete in this short film competition by FILMAKA.  The film can be found here  -  https://www.amycampione.com?wix-vod-video-id=fb17700da91d49ac8ca0050f80417d83&wix-vod-comp-id=comp-jct1z53e
Recently Filmed
Before we were all locked inside, I got the chance to play quite a few interesting characters.
I played a father in a video for Jay Shetty's Icon Media.
A true crime reenactment show on Oxygen.  I played a detective on the case.

A feature film where I played an older doctor at a hospital. 
A feature film by my friend Kevin Ruiz.  I play the principal of a high school.
Season two from the Jack Marshall web series world.  We filmed for three months and ended up filming over 350 pages - 41 episodes. It was fun to bring the character of House back to life.  The script is great and everyone was amazing to work with. 
I filmed a promo for a feature that just needs money (don't we all) "STERILE DARYL".  Wacky comedy where I play the doctor.  I have now played as many doctors as cops  8-8.
I played the nosey neighbor in "10E".  Two of my former students were PAs on the film.  Its a comedy feature film by veteran actor/director Vahik Pirhamzei. This film premiered at the 
Generally I have been the oldest person in the cast for the past few shoots. The short film "AT SOME POINT", I played the boss and everyone else was young. People tend to call me sir in these situations. I feel old... but respected.
Speaking of feeling old - I am a suicidal new grandfather in "THE SOULESS". We filmed this in record time and ended up with some great shots thanks to Kevin Ruiz and Danny Ho and his new equipment. Always fun to work with people a second (or third, or fourth) time.
Last year was about web series - The first half of 2018 it was short films!  I finished filming four short films - "LOCKED" directed by Ryan Ebrahamian,  "THE CLENCH OF THE CLAW" directed by Bosco Kim, "CREATIVE URGES" by Narineh Tahmasebian, and "HUMAN REPORT" directed by Kevin Ruiz.  
"JACK MARSHALL CAN'T DO THIS" and "THE MOONSTONE" can be found on YouTube at SCREEN14 PICTURES.  I learned a lot about transmedia while acting in these productions. They are an amazing group of artists! Please check it out.
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